DevDays Europe 2020
DevDays Europe 2020

DevDays Europe 2019


May 14-16, 2019

Adam Bar

Bright Inventions, Poland


Adam is Mobile Web passionate, the creator of What Web Can Do Today (, a website that aims to review device integration capabilities of the Web. He is also a front-end technologies trainer and a full-stack developer experienced on various tech stacks, recently loyal to TypeScript. Even though Adam admires simple structures, simple rules and order, which are often hard to find on the Web, these are Web technologies that are his programming specialty.


What Would You Do Without a Framework? Front-End Anew with Lit-HTML

In the front-end world there’s a never-ending chase for the mythical ultimate solution. And even though we’ll probably never find the framework that suits all, the search itself stimulates the progress and innovation. Let’s then look off the beaten path of React and Angular and check what might be created when mixing modern JavaScript and new DOM APIs with the frameworks-driven experiences.

During this talk we’ll meet lit-html – the library that easily abstracts the complexities of direct DOM operations – and its cousin lit-element, with which the Web Components are at our fingertips today. We’ll check how much you can have for that little and we’ll think whether lit-html may become the serious frameworks alternative.

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