DevDays Europe 2020
DevDays Europe 2020

DevDays Europe 2019


May 14-16, 2019

Mike Ensor

Nortal, USA


Mike is a hands-on software architect with 24 years of experience in cloud architectures, custom application development, e-commerce, distributed systems and big data implementations. Throughout his career, he has continually pushed the use of test-driven development, the principles of continuous delivery and emphasized the merits of Agile-based development. Mike has co-presented with Google / K8s luminaries such as Kelsey Hightower, Alan Naim and Carter Morgan.


Designing Cloud Ready Applications

Cloud native applications have require additional effort over traditionally developed applications to ensure resiliency, handle the ephemeral nature of cloud and ensure security. Applications now require automation to manage the requirements to build, deploy and manage these applications. This talk will discuss the proven cloud-native application pipelines used at many of our clients to increase consistency, introduce security, fully automate deployments and increase observability, all while lowering the overall operational effort. This talk will cover a lifecycle of an application using various technologies and practices including:

  • CI/CD Pipelines
  • Containers & Deployment Orchestration
  • Introducing DevSecOps into delivery pipelines
  • Building in observability & traceability
  • Cloud native application checklist

Session Keywords