DevDays Europe 2020
DevDays Europe 2020

DevDays Europe 2019


May 14-16, 2019

Maurice de Beijer

ABL – The Problem Solver, Netherlands


Maurice de Beijer is an independent software consultant and trainer. He specializes in JavaScript, React, Angular 2+ and ASP.NET MVC. His work includes a large, global, safety application for the oil and gas industry. Maurice is also active in the open source community. He teaches ECMAScript, TypeScript, React, Angular 5 and ASP.NET MVC courses. Since 2005, he has received Microsoft’s Yearly Most Valuable Professional Award. Further, Maurice is active in the Dutch dotNed user group and helps organize its meetings.


From Zero to Hero with the Reactive Extensions for JavaScript

Reactive and functional programming, you have probably heard the term mentioned before. It’s supposed to be really cool and a good practice. But what is reactive programming exactly and how to get started with it in JavaScript? And why does Angular start using the reactive extensions for JavaScript (RxJS) instead of standard promises?

In this presentation, Maurice is going to show you how to get started with RxJS, the JavaScript implementation of the ReactiveX library. You will learn why using RxJS is a great way of dealing with streams of events in an asynchronous and functional way.

Session Keywords

Reactive Programming
Functional Programming


The New React

The React team rewrote the book on developing components. Before we had a choice between classes and functional components. Yet many components needed to be classes. A functional component was often too limited. Now, using hooks, we can extend functional components to be as powerful as we want.

Join Maurice in this interactive workshop -you will learn all about using the different standard hooks. You will start extracting code from components into you own custom hooks. But be warned, hooks are like a drug. Once tried you too will be hooked. Your components will never be the same again.