DevDays Moscow 2021 Online Edition

Asanka Abeysinghe

Должность: Chief Technology Evangelist

Компания: WSO2, Inc

Страна: US


Asanka’s goal is to connect humans and technology by helping organizations implement digital transformation programs that result in consumer-driven digital applications. In his current role, Asanka drives efforts to create, refine, and enhance WSO2’s corporate reference architecture and is responsible for spearheading a thought leadership outlook that defines WSO2’s corporate reference methodology for development, customer success, and implementation. Working closely with customers, partners, and analysts, he evangelizes WSO2’s technology vision. Asanka has over 20 years of industry experience, which includes designing and implementing highly scalable distributed systems, SOA and microservice architectures in the financial domain, mobile platforms, and various business integration solutions. He is also a committer of the Apache Software Foundation. Asanka is a regular speaker at numerous events, including ApacheCon, QCon, O’Reilly-*, API Days, API Strategy, LinuxFoundation-*, Gartner-*, WSO2Con, and many tech meetups in San Francisco Bay Area.


Achieving True Agility Through Programmability

Enterprise agility—the ability to adapt fast and seize new opportunities while reducing costs—is critical for an organization to survive and thrive in this evolving digital age. While the rewards of bringing about agile transformation are significant, how many companies really achieve key results? Did you know the success rate is less than 10%? Even organizations that follow various agile methodologies do not adhere to them across the board, resulting in what’s known as agile-waterfall or wagile approaches.
Is there a pragmatic way to become truly agile?

Yes, by embracing programmability. This approach goes beyond infrastructure automation, which is a common practice, by enabling programmatic access to automate actions, procedures, processes, and runtimes used in an application’s entire lifecycle. With programmability and end-to-end automation, teams can increase productivity and flexibility and quickly decommission repeatable tasks; they can also spend more time on implementing innovative ideas.
Asanka will share his experience from applying programmability in successful projects delivered iteratively, rapidly and in a timely way. In addition to the associated lean methodology, he will discuss a supportive reference architecture.

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