DevDays Moscow 2021 Online Edition

Christian Claes Fonnesbech

Должность: Head of IP Development

Компания: Leverage

Страна: Denmark


Christian helps develop IPs, stories and worlds for games. He also works as a freelance Narrative Director. Previously, he was Head of IP Development at Nordisk Film Games and a game entrepreneur producing and directing 35+ game projects.


Story, Characters & Worlds – a Compact Masterclass

How do you develop a fictional world that feels authentic?
How do you create characters that players actually relate to?
How is a story built and structured, from the ground, up?

Narratives are composed of many different aspects. But where to start? And how to develop these things in a lasting way?

Christian Fonnesbech shares the tools and methods that Writers, Narrative Directors, and IP builders need. A compact masterclass that aims for intermediate users.

Ключевые слова

🔑 Games
🔑 Characters
🔑 World Building

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