DevDays Moscow 2021 Online Edition

Johnny Hooyberghs

Должность: Software Engineer & Trainer, Microsoft MVP

Компания: involved

Страна: Belgium


Johnny Hooyberghs is a consultant for Involved since 2014 focusing on .NET architecture and backend development. Prior to joining Involved, he has had experience developing software for Corilus since 2008. He has been passionate about .NET ever since it was released and his areas of expertise are C#, .NET (Core), WCF, WinForms, WPF, ASP.NET (Core), Entity Framework (Core), Azure and ALM using the Microsoft Stack. Every now and then he enjoys doing some web development using JavaScript. Since 2010, Johnny spends some of his free time teaching .NET and C# for the adult education institute CVO Antwerpen. When he’s not working or teaching, he likes some casual gaming, scuba diving, learning to play the piano, traveling the world and visiting as many theme parks as possible.


What is New in .NET 5 and the Future of .NET

November 2020 will mark the release of .NET 5. In this session, Johnny will talk about what is new in the latest version of .NET and what the future will bring for the .NET platform in general

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🔑 .NET 5
🔑 C# 9
🔑 Visual Studio 2019

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