DevDays Moscow 2021 Online Edition

Justin Halsall

Должность: Founder & Software Engineer

Компания: Record Once

Страна: The Netherlands


Justin is a startup founder, software engineer, master of ceremonies, conference organizer, community leader, and an all round charming personality with a life long passion for technology and development. He is a well respected moderator at tech conferences and pitch events, and a hackathon veteran.

As the founder of Record Once, Justin helps technology companies document their products without tedium. Previously he occupied the role of Developer Advocate for IBM in New York, where was the face of IBM’s outreach to developers and startups in North America and Europe. He has over a decade of startup and development experience and has occupied the roles of Technology Evangelist, Director of Developer Programs and Chief Technology Officer.

Justin speaks about Innovation, Lean Startup, working with developers, marketing to developers, APIs, Hackathons and Startup life.


Making explainer videos that don’t suck

Tips to learn how to make great explainer videos that make people want to use your product. Tips and tricks on story telling, showing your product and how to create videos that evolve as your product evolves.

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