DevDays Moscow 2021 Online Edition

Lena Reinhard

Должность: Vice President, Product Engineering

Компания: CircleCI

Страна: Germany


Lena Reinhard is VP Product Engineering at CircleCI, the leader in continuous integration and delivery for developer teams. In her 15+ year career, she’s been building and scaling high-performing engineering organisations and helping distributed teams succeed, starting with her own startup to corporates and NGOs.

Lena is an acclaimed international keynote speaker on topics like leadership, DevOps transformation, and organisational scale, at conferences such as O’Reilly Velocity, The Lead Developer, CTO Summit, and QCon. She is passionate about helping teams increase their effectiveness and business impact, and scaling culture for organisational performance and health. Lena enjoys spending time in books and in nature, and always strives to learn something new, currently focused on how to play the piano and keep houseplants alive. 


Leading Through Change and Rapid Growth

It is said that fast-growing startups are basically new companies at every new stage of growth. As someone who has experienced frequent change – in both my personal career and my leadership role at CircleCI – I have come accustomed to it and have learned not only how to adapt, but to thrive in the face of change and rapid growth.

In this talk, CircleCI’s VP of Product Engineering, Lena Reinhard, will share the many personas of rapid growth (what it can look and feel like), along with tips and strategies to help keep a high-performing team unwavered in any instance of growth and change, while helping them come out stronger on the other side.

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