DevDays Moscow 2021 Online Edition

Piet van Dongen

Должность: Cloud Consultant & Senior Software Engineer

Компания: Luminis

Страна: The Netherlands


Piet loves to dive deep into stuff. When he’s done, he will explain it to you with great enthusiasm and humor. Even if the subject is super dry and boring. HTTP/2 internals? Piet breaks out his hacksaw. IoT architecture? Piet creates a drum computer the audience can play with from the comfort of their seats.

Why? Because he thinks it is essential that we share what we do and know. That’s the best way to collectively get better at what we do.


Mass Migrations to the Cloud (Or: How to Eat an Elephant)

Q: How do you move hundreds of interconnected applications from your data centre to the cloud? A: Like you eat an elephant, one bite at a time.

But where do you start? How fast can you go? What tools and people do you need? How do you keep track of progress?

Piet knows and he can’t wait to tell you. He will take you through the seemingly monstrous task and show you how he helped one of his clients move 200 applications to AWS without breaking much of a sweat. He even had a lot of fun doing it! Bonus: he will share his open source Cloud Migration Dashboard with you, so you can do it too!

Ключевые слова

🔑 Cloud
🔑 Migration Strategy
🔑 Containers

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