DevDays Moscow 2021 Online Edition

Radoslav Stankov

Должность: Head of Engineering

Компания: Product Hunt

Страна: Bulgaria


Full stack developer with 18+ years of experience, currently he is head of engineering at Product Hunt (owned by Angel List). In his spare time, he organizes React.NotAConf conference and React.Sofia meetup.


React Component Anti-Patterns

React ecosystem is moving to maturity. Over the years, Radoslav have tried a lot of things around organizing and implementing React components. In the talk, he will share a common set of anti-patterns and how to avoid them.

Groups of anti-patterns:
* CSS and styling
* Property definition
* Performance
* Others, … still haven’t found a good name for a couple of those.

Ключевые слова

🔑 JavaScript
🔑 React
🔑 Patterns

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