DevDays Moscow 2021 Online Edition

Roberto Freato

Должность: Solution Architect

Компания: Witailer

Страна: Italy


Roberto has been an independent IT consultant since he started to work. After his MSc in computer science engineering with a thesis about consumer cloud computing he got specialization in Cloud and Azure. Today Roberto works as a freelance consultant for major companies in Italy, helping clients to design and kick-off their distributed software solutions. He wrote some books on Microsoft Azure, for K12 education and he train/speak for the developer community in many national and international conferences. Roberto holds 45+ technical certifications on various vendors (MS, Sun, EXIN, Apple, Cisco, IBM) and he is a Microsoft MVP since 2010.
In the last years he’s been also CTO for ReStore, an eCommerce company leading the Click & Collect Italian eCommerce market for grocery, and now for Witailer, a leading company in the Amazon and eMarketplace services for brands.


The JSON Evolution with SQL Database

The old school lesson “do not store large objects into the database” is now really deprecated. In this session, we see how a (used-to-be-a) relation database like Azure SQL Database can handle tons of JSON objects with effectiveness. We’ll see how this enables a shortcut between the raw data originally stored into a data lake, and the relational view consumed by the analysis applications.

Ключевые слова

🔑 Databases
🔑 Azure
🔑 Optimizations

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