DevDays Moscow 2021 Online Edition

Roman Provazník

Должность: Lead Developer, Software Architect & Founder

Компания: CN Group CZ

Страна: Czech Republic


Roman Provazník is a F# lead developer, speaker, software architect and the founder of the Czech F#/functional .NET community called FSharping. He has been developing applications for more than 18 years using languages like Pascal, Delphi, PHP, C# and F#. With his background of 3 years as a local radio station presenter (which proves IT is not only for introverts), he is always ready to chat about the things he loves: F#, functional programming, domain-driven design, event sourcing systems, web development and drums. You can often see him hanging around the F# community he helps to maintain and grow.


Functional .NET for Inevitable Success

Do you know what developers and customers have in common? They both love good bugless software which lets them enjoy calm sleep at night. Unfortunately writing such software is one of the most difficult things we know and pretty hard to achieve without proper tools. Luckily, there is the multiparadigm .NET language called F# with amazing features like pattern matching, algebraic data types and omnipresent immutability. This session will show you how to use functional .NET concepts to handle complexity in any type of day-to-day business applications – good old ASP.NET web applications, serverless pipelines in the cloud, Docker services, you name it. Beware! Once you take a step on the path of functional .NET, there is no way back – you have been warned!

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🔑 Functional Programming
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