DevDays Moscow 2021 Online Edition

Valentin Kononov

Должность: Fullstack developer

Компания: Mapbox

Страна: Belarus


Valentin works at Mapbox R&D center in Minsk, Belarus, experienced in .NET, Angular, React Native, NodeJS, NestJS and other interesting stuff in full stack software development. He loves modern web technical stack, but strongly believes in understanding of fundamental aspects of programming. He likes code writing, work in amazing and useful projects, which can bring something valuable to people. His spare time is mostly dedicated to his family, reading and writing, and also traveling is important part of his life!


Runtime Type Safety in Typescript

Nowadays we live in a world of JavaScript, let’s admit it. But have you ever missed compilation and real runtime strong types in JS? I always! And my friendship with web development started only after Typescript usage, which has something like compilation step. But is it real compilation? How we can make one step closer to ’strong types’ in web world? Let’s talk about what opportunities we have to emulate this in TS – runtime checks, validation, decorators to automate it.
We will about JS in runtime, communication of your code with outer world, runtime checks, decorators and some other stuff.

Ключевые слова

🔑 JavaScript
🔑 Typescript
🔑 Runtime Safety


Smells Like an Angular Spirit – NestJS Backend Framework

This workshop introduce audience into NestJS backend framework.

We will cover such aspects as NestJS API structure, basic concepts, controllers, decorators usage. And even try to get into Authentication, configuration and Docker for NestJS.

But also we will dive deeper into NestJS pipeline for requests handling and capabilities in this area.

During workshop we will have 4 practical coding sections, discussions and knowledge sharing.

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