DevDays Moscow 2021
Online Edition

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This workshop introduce audience into NestJS backend framework.
We will cover such aspects as NestJS API structure, basic concepts, controllers, decorators usage. And even try to get into Authentication, configuration and Docker for NestJS.
But also we will dive deeper into NestJS pipeline for requests handling and capabilities in this area.

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Learn how to use NgRx to solve complex managing of states in large Angular applications. You will be using NgRx, a library that uses Redux design patterns and Rxjs library, pragmatically. Alongside using NgRx are enterprise Angular architecture, Reactive Forms, and Angular Material.

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This workshop aims at showing you the new opportunity that exists for developers to enter into a new field that has almost no competitors: developing software for robots. We will cover the reasons why developers are needed for robotics and which benefits you can have from becoming one. Then we will start learning the programming framework and practice with simulated robots.

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