DevDays Moscow 2022 

Adrienne Tacke

Должность: Senior Developer Advocate

Компания: MongoDB

Страна: US


Adrienne is Currently a Senior Developer Advocate for MongoDB, Adrienne Tacke is also a Filipina software engineer, speaker, published author of the book Coding for Kids: Python, and a LinkedIn Learning instructor who specializes in Cloud Development courses. Perhaps most important, however, is that she spends way too much money on desserts and ungodly amounts of time playing Cyberpunk 2077.


Choose Your Path: A Guide on When to Use NoSQL

Yes or No…SQL? (ok, no more puns) If you’re like many developers, relational databases are your bread & butter. They’ve been the standard; it works. And then…NoSQL databases came along. With several NoSQL options available, do you switch because it’s new? Better? The “Future”? In this talk, Adrienne guide you on how to make your own decision (which may not always end with a NoSQL solution)!

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🔑 Databases
🔑 NoSQ
🔑 Cloud Development

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