DevDays Moscow 2021 Online Edition

Akseli Virtanen

Должность: Head of Developer Inspiration

Компания: Frantic

Страна: Finland


Akseli is a Senior consultant developing digital business and custom experience in a finnish agency called Frantic. Having developed with and watched web technologies grow for the past decade, he thinks we have entered a very interesting and crucial time in how products and services are created. He enjoys making the world of web technology more understandable and accessible for everyone. Since technology is being adopted by everyone, everywhere, it is very important that we create increasingly better conversations between technical roles like developers and others, such as business managers, designers and product owners.


What No-code Can Do for Developers

No-code has been a major story developing over the last couple of years.
There is great excitement in empowering whole new demographics to create apps and services in a push to democratize development tools. Enterprises are also very engaged no-code, and we’ve seen a great deal of both projects and acquisitions in the space.

There does exist a notion in which no-code/low-code are seen as opposite to existing software development and with some skepticism about the whole concept of a “citizen developer”.
Akseli is going to try his best to dispel this and other myths about the no-code movement.

In this talk, Akseli wants to show how no-code is not an opposite force to “code”, and how the expanding set of tools and ways to enter the space, will benefit the whole profession of developers. He wants to show you how with no-code we can solve old problems in new ways, and how our existing skillset as developers can make us really productive on no-code platforms as well.

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