DevDays Moscow 2021 Online Edition

Gabriel Caruso

Должность: Software Backend Engineer

Компания: SurveyMonkey

Страна: The Netherlands


For the past 6 years, Gabriel has worked with software development in general, focused on the PHP itself. He is the Release Manager of the latest 8.0 version of the language.

As a speaker, he wants to show how development can be fun and not complicated.

His goal is to prove that anyone can code, and everyone should code.


PHP 8: a new version, a new era

PHP 8 is coming, and you might be wondering: what are the new features? Have they fixed that weird bug? Is my application getting any faster? Can I support both PHP 7 and 8 versions in my library or framework?

In this talk, we are going to spend some time looking at everything that has changed in PHP 8, both internally and externally, either new features and changes of behavior (Break Compatibility, you know them).

As one of the Release Managers, Gabriel Caruso is going to tell you all about it, giving you the resources to get the latest major version of PHP, that is scheduled for November 2020, up and running!

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