DevDays Moscow 2022 

Hywel Carver

Должность: Founder & CEO

Компания: Skiller Whale

Страна: UK


Hywel Carver is the co-founder and CEO of Skiller Whale, a SaaS company enabling development for developers. Hywel was a CTO for a variety of VC-backed companies for over 10 years, ran CTO Dinners, and coached other CTOs. He’s been writing code for 26 years, and he’s a published curriculum author and avid writer.


Developing Your Developers’ Development: How Learning Can Have Impact and Why It Sometimes Doesn’t

Training sometimes fails — we accept that as a possible outcome. But why does it happen?

In this talk, Hywel will talk about the existing models for learning and its effectiveness, and propose a new one: Knowledge, Skills and Wisdom, and talk about what that means for how you should plan training, what outcomes you should expect, and how you can measure them.

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