DevDays Moscow 2021 Online Edition


8-10 июня



James Birnie

Должность: Principal Consultant

Компания: Codurance Ltd

Страна: UK


James has worked in commercial software since the late 1990s when Agile and Lean were words used to describe athletes and pipelines were for carrying oil.

After cutting his teeth as an Engineering Lead in a startup for 9 years he moved into consultancy with first ThoughtWorks and latterly Codurance. James now spends his working days as a principal consultant attempting to unpick organisational problems in order to enable technology solutions to real business problems to flourish.


What Does Great Architecture Look Like?

What is architecture and what should an architect do? James have asked this question in rooms with 5 people in and got 10 different opinions. So what is a good architect and what is good architecture?

Increasingly there is no fixed answer so we have to be ready to adapt, learn and improve. More importantly, we need to have some mechanism to understand whether our changes were good or bad and to assess the overall fitness of our operation at any given point.

In this talk, James will explain what is really important about architecture, how to understand it, how to measure it and how to make sure it remains fit for purpose.

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🔑 Architecture
🔑 Agile

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