DevDays Moscow 2022 

Lars Larsson

Должность: Senior Cloud Architect

Компания: Elastisys

Страна: Sweden


The cloud-native tour Lars will take you on is one he has travelled many times before with companies both big and small. Lars has been professionally involved in cloud computing since 2008. He currently works as a senior cloud architect at Elastisys, where he helps customers build scalable and secure systems on top of cloud-native technologies. He holds a PhD degree in computer science from Umeå University, and has extensive experience teaching at the university level in courses on both basic and advanced level. In the scarce spare time he has as a father of three, he volunteers for the local CoderDojo to teach programming to children.


How to Build Your Own Cloud-Native Platform on Iaas Clouds in 2021

You have a service to deploy, but now your legal department says an EU-based cloud provider must be used. You look around with dismay. All you see is missing features.

Have no fear, the CNCF Landscape is full of solutions! But as its explosive growth continues, it gets increasingly difficult to see the forest for all the trees.

In this talk, Lars acts as your tour guide in setting up a modern platform based on Kubernetes and related cloud-native technology on top of an IaaS-only cloud provider, like many in the EU are. Using WordPress as a motivating example, the talk moves effortlessly from networking services, persistent storage for files and relational data, all the way up to monitoring and continuous delivery of software.

In a hands-on way, Lars shows that the cloud-native ecosystem transcends regional and legislative boundaries and offers a great platform regardless of which cloud provider one uses.

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