DevDays Moscow 2022 

Nikola Stjelja

Должность: Program Delivery Manager

Компания: JTI

Страна: Poland


Niko is a software engineering professional with over fifteen years of professional experience covering a wide set of roles (software engineer, tech lead, architecture, product and program management, engineering management) in a wide set of industries in companies ranging from startups to fortune 500 companies.

In his private time, he spends time coding and reconstructing medieval martial arts from old, dusty manuscripts.


Human Centric Recruiting in the World After

People are key to the delivery and operations of a successful engineering organization. And yet we seem to fail as an industry when it comes to recruiting the right talent for our team.

The current IT market is hot, it is a market that is focused on engineers who have unprecedented access to various opportunities. Companies are fighting against each other to get the right talent.

This talk will cover tips, strategies, and patterns that will help you win the race to get the right people at the right time to join your growing IT organization.

Ключевые слова

🔑 IT Recruitment
🔑 Management
🔑 Organizational Strategy

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