DevDays Moscow 2022 

Stefano Tempesta

Должность: Azure Confidential Computing

Компания: Microsoft

Страна: Australia


Stefano Tempesta is part of the Azure Confidential Computing product group at Microsoft, building a more secure and confidential cloud. His interests extend to blockchain, IoT and A.I. related technologies.


Developing our Quantum Future

In 1981, Richard Feynman proposed a device called a “quantum computer” to take advantage of the laws of quantum physics to achieve computational speed-ups over classical methods. Quantum computing promises to revolutionize how and what we compute. Over the course of three decades, quantum algorithms have been developed that offer fast solutions to problems in a variety of fields including optimization, chemistry, physics, and materials science with applications across a broad array of industries including healthcare, automotive, energy and more. Quantum devices have also significantly advanced such that components of a scalable quantum computer have been demonstrated; the promise of implementing quantum algorithms is in our near future. This session presents Microsoft’s approach to this disruptive technology and how we are already leveraging the power of quantum with customers today in Azure.

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