DevDays Moscow 2021 Online Edition


8-10 июня



Björn Wendland

Должность: Full Stack Developer & Clean Code Evangelist


Страна: Germany


Passionate Full Stack Developer and Clean Code Evangelist.

With over five years of professional experience Björn joined METRONOM last year and subsequently established Kotlin as programming language and became the company’s Kotlin Ambassador.
True to METRONOM’s mission to “set the pace in food and technology”, he challenges solution, architecture and implementation every day.
Björn distinguishes himself by his sound advice and solid decision making. Colleagues describe him as biased in a trustful way.
In his free time Björn enjoys competing (or mostly goofing off) with friends during a gaming or a bouldering session.


Finding the Right Rest Framework to Run Your Jvm Based Micro Service

We are often inclined to pick the tools we know best.
This is especially true for professional software development. We can deliver fast and at the same time guarantee high quality outcome if we eliminate risk. Not taking a risk also means not being innovative. Not being innovative means bringing new ideas and concepts is lost.

In this talk we want to take a look at three frameworks that we use to set up micro services.
Let us try to depose the top dog Spring Boot, meet the challenger Micronaut and find out more about the rookie Ktor. We will compare benefits, drawbacks and identify how choosing a different framework can help to be more innovative.

Oh.. and btw who is this Spring Fu guy people are talking about?

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