DevDays Moscow 2022 

Thomas Künneth

Должность: Head of Mobile

Компания: MATHEMA

Страна: Germany


Thomas Künneth fell in love with Android in 2009. Since then he has been constantly contributing to the community. Thomas loves writing articles and books about mobile computing. You can frequently watch him speaking at conferences and meetups. Thomas’ first encounter with programming was in the era of home computers during the early 1980s. Later came C, Perl and a few more. During the 90s he wrote a bunch of programs for the Atari ST series. The first decade of Thomas’ professional career was Java. Today it’s mostly Kotlin. He is a Google Developer Expert for Android since 2021.


Embracing Jetpack Compose

Jetpack Compose is the new native, Kotlin-only UI toolkit on Android. Like React, Flutter, and SwiftUI, it’s declarative, thus overcoming the issues and weaknesses of traditional imperative frameworks. This workshop introduces various aspects of Jetpack Compose, for example composition and recomposition, state hoisting and unidirectional data flow. We will also be looking at Material You, the latest version of Googles design language, and how it is applied to a Compose app. The workshop will include many programming examples in Kotlin.

  • Part 1: Understanding the declarative approach
    • From Android Views to composable functions (imperative vs. declarative ui frameworks)
    • How Compose UIs are made (Composable functions, composition, unidirectional data flow)
    • Wait, no component hierarchies? (Composition over inheritance)
  • Part 2: Advanced Compose
    • Animating your Compose UI
    • Best of both worlds – Compose-View-interop
    • Testing and debugging Compose apps
  • Part 3: Above and beyond
    • What Compose currently can’t do
    • Compose on other platforms
    • Friends – a brief comparison with other declarative ui frameworks

The main goal of this workshop is to introduce participants with main concepts of Jetpack Compose, and to provide a hands-on experience to get started with Compose apps.

Целевая аудитория

The target audience includes those interested in latest Android ui development. Everyone who loves writing Android apps is invited to come and learn about the future of native Android ui. The workshop will be introductory regarding Jetpack Compose, but a solid understanding of Android development and Kotlin is required.

Технические требования


  • The current version of Android Studio and a configured Android Emulator

Technical knowledge:

  • Basic programming in Kotlin
  • Understanding of Android app structure

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