DevDays Moscow 2022 

Kaarel Moppel

Должность: Senior Consultant

Компания: Cybertec PostgreSQL Consulting

Страна: Estonia


Kaarel is an IT professional with 15 years of industry experience in various roles, working with complex high-scale solutions, recently focusing on the open source PostgreSQL DBMS.


PostgreSQL — an Open Source Database as a Connector for Traditional, NoSQL and IoT Data Streams

PostgreSQL is an extremely mature RDBMS, with more than 20 years of global open-source development effort behind it. The question is how can one profit from that stability in today’s world of Cloud, IoT and Big Data? How to tie the knots between all those different platforms and data formats with minimal effort? PostgreSQL has an answer for that — Foreign Data Wrappers, based on the SQL/MED standard. And the good news is that with 99% probability your data source X (traditional RDBMS, BigData or NoSQL solution) is already supported and ready for integration. Also software project maturity doesn’t have to mean stagnation — PostgreSQL also has all the means for performing modern Data Analytics and Machine Learning there where the data lives — inside the database! For specific workloads like Time Series / IoT also extensions can help a lot. This talk will give an overview on some typical data integration and analysis approaches using the PostgreSQL engine.
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PostgreSQL for Developers — a Crash Course

This workshop will cover full range of topics to bootstrap, run and do development with the PostgreSQL database engine. Main focus point will be on the supported developer features but also touched will be the general architecture of the database engine and performance aspects. The workshop will not involve practical exercises from the attendees but it will be held in a discussional format.

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