DevDays Moscow 2022 

Mike Hartington

Должность: Developer Advocate

Компания: Ionic

Страна: US


Mike is a developer, Angular GDE, and Ionic Developer Advocate who’s been working in the mobile landscape for most of his professional career. When he’s not working Ionic itself, Mike works with community members and helps them succeed at mobile. In his spare time, he’s an aspiring woodworker, occasional musician, and craft beer lover.


A Modern Web Devs Approach To Mobile

Building an app today means that it needs to be available on the web, iOS and Android. For many, this can seem like a daunting task given the different tools, languages, and knowledge needed to be proficient in each platform. But it doesn’t have to be. Enter Capacitor. Capacitor is a new approach to building apps for multiple platforms. Starting with a strong emphasis on “web first”, Capacitor provides tools and APIs needed to make amazing apps for the Web, but also for native iOS and native Android.

Ключевые слова

🔑 Web
🔑 Mobile
🔑 JavaScript

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