DevDays Moscow 2021 Online Edition


Kaarel is an IT professional with 15 years of industry experience in various roles, working with complex high-scale solutions, recently focusing on the open source PostgreSQL DBMS.


PostgreSQL for Developers — a Crash Course

This workshop will cover full range of topics to bootstrap, run and do development with the PostgreSQL database engine. Main focus point will be on the supported developer features but also touched will be the general architecture of the database engine and performance aspects. The workshop will not involve practical exercises from the attendees but it will be held in a discussional format.


Part 1: PostgreSQL basics

  • Introduction to the PostgreSQL project
  • Installation
  • Basic management operations
  • Connecting and executing queries

Part 2: Engine internals overview

  • Architecture overview
  • Transaction models
  • The extensibility model
  • Most important configuration settings

Part 3: Developer features

  • Data types and limitations
  • Security
  • Advanced SQL features
  • Stored procedures and triggers

Part 4: Performance

  • Finding and understanding slow queries
  • Indexing

Part 5: Intro to advanced topics

  • Scaling / Partitioning
  • Advanced architectures


Main objective is to get even absolute beginners up-to-date with how to do applications development with PostgreSQL and to give an overview of supported features and expected behaviour.

Целевая аудитория

No knowledge of PostgreSQL is assumed, only generally on databases and some SQL knowledge will do also good.

Технические требования


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