DevDays Moscow 2021 Online Edition

Tobias Schröder

Должность: Product Manager

Компания: METRONOM GmbH

Страна: Germany


Tobias has more than five years of experience as professional full stack developer. After finishing his academic career with a PhD in dialog-based online argumentation, he decided to join METRONOM in the mid of 2018. Since then, he and his team are continuously improving METRO’s customer order fulfillment processes. They provide their colleagues in the stores with first-class digital tools accelerating the management of thousands of articles over several freshness zones. Tobias’s daily obsession: minimize and simplify the communication about customers’ order information using online services.

In his spare time he loves to write Clojure, and if you don’t find him coding, he is standing in front of his barbecue or lifting some dumbbells.


No Pain, No Gain: Using Clojure for Web Applications

Many of us are really into the paradigms of functional programming. Whether we like streams, mappings, pure functions or just the immutability of variables and objects. But can you use a modern functional programming language like Clojure for web applications? How does it feel when you write HTML with a functional language and which benefits is the backend going to have?

This talk provides a look at a web framework called Component in Clojure, dives into the world of lambda expression, and shows how to develop a WebShop-app with this framework. A live demo and coding will complete our functional lookout.

Ключевые слова

🔑 Clojure
🔑 Web-app
🔑 Functional Programming

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