DevDays Moscow 2021
Hybrid Edition

Part of Global DevDays Conference Family


8-10 июня


Москва и онлайн

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This workshop will cover full range of topics to bootstrap, run and do development with the PostgreSQL database engine. Main focus point will be on the supported developer features but also touched will be the general architecture of the database engine and performance aspects. The workshop will not involve practical exercises from the attendees but it will be held in a discussional format.

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Blazor has been introduced as a framework for delivering binary assemblies within the web world to the client, which is capable of run this code because of the new WebAssembly Standard. But Microsoft introduced another mode, Server Side Blazor, which enables us to write everything in C# and .NET even the client behaviors. And that makes business application development fast as it has been never. 

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This workshop introduce audience into NestJS backend framework.
We will cover such aspects as NestJS API structure, basic concepts, controllers, decorators usage. And even try to get into Authentication, configuration and Docker for NestJS.
But also we will dive deeper into NestJS pipeline for requests handling and capabilities in this area.

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The workshop focuses on building line-of-business fault-tolerant cloud-based distributed systems. Such systems cannot afford to lose messages (nobody wants their order for Christmas gifts to be lost) nor to get them duplicated (that second Porsche in the drive way — who ordered that?). Such systems were, in the past, built based on the firm ground established by either distributed transactions or large database instances that served also as messaging brokers.

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Changing applications from one technology to another can turn out to be rather very challenging depending on the type of tech stack. If you’ve ever migrated a large project then you can only imagine how daunting it could be, most especially moving from DOM manipulation stack to a Virtual DOM stack.

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