DevDays Moscow 2022 

Yonatan Doron
Должность: Frontend Craftsman


Страна: Israel


Yonatan Doron is a Frontend Craftsman at ClientSide with a passion for user-centric frontend development and modular client architecture. Yonatan contributes content to various technology-focused outlets, writing thought leadership articles on software, frontend, and product design. In his spare time, he leads Hodash dev, one of the biggest developers Meetup communities in Israel and creates open-source projects.


Microinteractions: Little Things That Matter

Microinteractions are those little moments where design and code work together at their best. When used with care, they can even become signature moments, the way clapping for an article on Medium expresses the brand’s identity in a way that goes beyond any language or culture. In this talk, I’ll introduce the microinteraction at the abstract level, reveal its building blocks and show some concrete ways to understand and use them to create memorable, compelling interfaces.

Ключевые слова

🔑 Frontend
🔑 User Experience
🔑 Vue
🔑 Web Development

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